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Carmel By the Sea Bundle

Carmel By the Sea Bundle

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Caramel by the Sea recipe discounted bundle includes three recipes: Caramel by the Sea, You Go Glenn Cocoa & Apple Buttah. These recipes can be marbled together to create two new flavor profiles:

-Caramel Apple Rollout Sugar Cookie made by marbling Caramel by the Sea & Apple Buttah.

-Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Rollout Sugar Cookie made by marbling Caramel by the Sea & You Go Glenn Cocoa.  


Recipes Included: 

Caramel by the Sea: Sea Salt Caramel Rollout Sugar Cookie Recipe

Growing up in California, I have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy all the amazing sights that we can visit all within a few hours from our home. One of our favorite day trips is the long drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Getting all bundled up, driving with the windows down and letting the chilly sea salt air flow through the car. This highway is unlike any other. It twists and turns, in and out of mountain ranges, hugging seaside cliffs and crossing bridges suspended over ravines all while having the most amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

I always looked forward to these trips and stopping by the little seaside candy shops along the boardwalk; filled with sea salt taffy, caramels and chocolates. When developing this recipe, I wanted to bring these childhood memories back to life. The sweet, buttery flavors with just a touch of saltiness. The mouthwatering first bite, and the smile that unfolds across your lips. We started this recipe off with a brown sugar and caramel whipped butter - but wanted to kick it up a notch, so we marbled the dough with more caramel sauce and added a dusting of flaky sea salt for a finishing touch. 

For a fun twist you can marble in our Apple Buttah recipe to make a Caramel Apple cookie or marble together our You Go Glenn Cocoa recipe to get a Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate cookie. 

Apple Buttah: Apple Pie Rollout Sugar Cookie Recipe

Growing up, we always looked forward to fall and our annual trip to Apple Hill in Placerville, California (we later relocated to this quaint little gold rush town). The long drive through the twisty foothill roads, and the countless farms, filled with all the apple treats that your heart could desire was worth every minute of back seat fighting with my siblings. LOL! Every year we had a list of things to buy and bring back home; one of those items was apple butter. My mom would buy a handfull of jars so we could enjoy them throughout the year on buttered biscuts, yumm!

This recipe tastes like apple butter, with warm buttery notes, crisp apple and traditional apple pie spices that will make you want to get that flannel shirt on and head to the apple farm for some apple picking!  


You Go Glenn Cocoa: Hot Cocoa Rollout Sugar Cookie (comes with 3 variations)

As kids, we always begged for the ultimate winter treat; a hot cocoa with whipped cream. Growing up in the Califonia’s Sierra Nevada there was nothing better than a big ol ’cup of whippped cream with a bit of hot cocoa. Lets be honest - thats how we enjoyed it the most! After playing for hours in the snow, or while waiting for the school bus in 10 degree weather, that warm cup of cocoa was heaven. DON’T ask my sister about my bus stop story! Maybe one day I will share it with you, when I’m able to overcome the sheer embarrassment I still carry from that dreadfully icy morning.   Below are three great ways to enjoy this recipe.  The main recipe will be a tradtional hot cocoa roll out dough.  In the tips section, you will find two variations: Mexican Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Bark.   


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Please see my Instagram page @TheSpeakeasyBakingCo for videos on how to rollout your dough in sheets between plastic wrap. This is the best way to prep your dough and save your wrists from trying to rollout chilled dough. Highlight is titled "Roll Out." 

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