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Doug's Doggone Treats: Roasted Sweet Potato & Oatmeal Rollout Dog Biscuits

Doug's Doggone Treats: Roasted Sweet Potato & Oatmeal Rollout Dog Biscuits

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What do you give the best puppers ever? Homemade dog biscuits of course! We set course for a simple, high quality dog treat that was yummy and healthy for our favorite fur babies! This delicious, 4 ingredient roasted sweet potato biscuit will have your pup begging for more!


These biscuits area named for our pupper Doug, who holds such a special place in our hearts. He was rescued from a shelter; saved just days before being euthanized. We visited the animal rescue looking for a dog for my dad. After walking up and down the halls looking at all those sweet faces, we noticed the last window. Doug was sitting there, alone and emaciated after battling Parvo; just 16 weeks old and hardly 16 pounds. I was 7 months pregnant and was not looking to add a puppy to the mix just a few months before we brought a baby home.  But Doug insisted on adopting us. We simply could not resist his doggone cute little face, and we fell in love with our new Dober-hound child.


Doug and Wally (our son) have grown up together, and watching their relationship grow has been something that should be in a movie. They go everywhere together; play hide-and-seek, fetch, and tag. Wally has been heartbroken since his best bud got hurt. When we discovered that Doug’s injury would not be able to heal on its own, we were devastated; our sweet boy needs surgery. That’s when a cookie friend of mine suggested we should offer a dog treat recipe to help raise funds for his operation.


This is a digital download, not a physical item. The PDF will be emailed to you within 24 hours after purchase, this is not an instant download. Look for an email from 

This recipe is done by volume,  not weight.


We thank you for your support in buying this recipe and helping our boy have a chance at a doggone long and active life. We hope these treats bring your puppers as much joy as they brings to ours!


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